iPad (not so) Blogging Part 2

I mentioned before that I am trying to blog using only my second generation iPad. I’ve run into quite a few blogging roadblocks by not using the iPad in conjunction with a computer. I use WordPress for my blog and I have to admit I really like their service. For the most part, using WordPress is really simple and straight forward but there have been times when I’ve wanted to pull my hair out trying to create a blog post on my little Apple device. Luckily, I’m slowly finding ways around my WordPress/ iPad compatibility challenges.

When I set up my blog I downloaded the WordPress application for my iPad. After playing with the app for a few minutes, I came to one conclusion; Thank goodness it’s free! I was really disappointed to see the lack of features in the application. Basic text editing tools such as bold and italicize are completely missing, and there is no html view to add in code. Access to your WordPress media library is also unavailable through the app. If you would like to add a picture or video into your post, you can either choose one that is saved on the iPad or use the webcam on the device. (Update: WordPress finally updated their app! They added tools that allow you to edit text and add html codes to your posts. There is still no simplified way to add captions to pictures, but the app has definitely come a long way!).

While there are many missing features in the WordPress application, it’s not a total waste. You can add multiple WordPress blogs, manage comments, and view blog statistics. It’s also great for editing posts and pages on the go. The app even includes a preview button so you can see what the changes would look like on your actual blog.

There is always the option to create and edit posts in what is called your “dashboard” online through WordPress as well. Here, you have access to everything that you would have on a regular computer. When working on posts you can use the html view to add code. You can create and edit posts right in your brower, however, the text is contained in a box that is hard to scroll through on the iPad. To make matters worse, every time you update or preview, the page reloads and the text box automatically scrolls back up to the top of the post. While this is annoying, I’ve noticed that WordPress is always making making improvements. I had issues trying to insert links, but the problem has since been fixed

As I said, I really like using WordPress for my blog. The fact that I can access all all the tools and features in my dashboard from my iPad has made things a lot easier. WordPress even allows you to turn on an iPad version of your blog that is more book-like. iPad users then have the option to flip through pages of blog posts (like a book) or choose the standard site view. I can only hope this means they will become even more iPad friendly on the blogging end of things.

iPad View


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