Starting From Scratch

Awhile ago I decided to to back up my iPad 2. It had been ages since I’d made a copy of the device or even plugged it into the laptop to sync. Somewhere between backing-up and syncing, the data was completely wiped from three of my applications. The apps themselves were still there, but they were totally empty. It took me a while to notice anything was missing because the rest of my iPad was exactly the same. My settings were unchanged, my apps were still sorted the same way, even my pictures were all there.

You may be thinking I’m extremely lucky nothing else was lost, except that those wiped applications just happen to be the three I use the most. One after the other, Pages, Penultimate, and Procreate each welcomed me as if I had never opened them before. I was devastated to learn that I had lost countless notes, crochet patterns, and artwork.

You see, I have been using my iPad full time in lieu of an actual computer or laptop. I had been writing crochet patterns, gluten free recipes, and blog posts in Pages for months. Penultimate offers unlimited notebooks with unlimited pages. I’d fully been taking advantage of that feature by filling journal upon journal with handwritten notes on every subject. Even Procreate was full of everything from original blog artwork to sketches and doodles.

The hardest part of losing all that work was the “I should have known” feeling that came along with it. I’m not an expert in technology, but I’m smart enough to know that I should always have my work backed up and saved to multiple places if I don’t want to lose it. Unlike a computer, however, I can’t just plug a USB backup drive into my iPad and make a copy. For some reason I had never even thought to email myself copies of the documents and notes I had spent so long working on either. Hindsight. Long story short, I hadn’t saved a backup of my iPad in ages, so all that missing data from those three applications is truly gone.

It’s taken me a while to get back into blogging. I kept getting frustrated at all my lost work that would now have to be done over. Then I remembered why I started this blog. I wanted to share my crochet patterns, recipes, and craft ideas with others. I also wanted to have a place to personally refer back to and see what I’ve made and how. It took me a while to come to the realization that a bit of lost work was no reason to give up blogging completely! I’m still working almost every day on perfecting my gluten free recipes and am seldom without a new crochet project on my hook. Instead of continuing to dwell on the past, I’m going to move forward from here and blog about my new designs as I create them.

As for the lost work, I can always go back and reverse-engineer my creations when I run out of new projects. For now though, I’ll be designing completely from scratch.


2 thoughts on “Starting From Scratch

  1. Oh I sooo feel your pain. I don’t have an Ipad but I just lost 10 years worth of photos that I would save to my external hard drive since before my oldest son was born and I guess one day when I was trying to grab some stuff off of my desktop to put on my thumb drive to then transfer to my laptop I must have accidentally hit delete on the wrong drive as I was 1st deleting the content of the thumb drive I also didn’t know about the mistake for a while it wasn’t until I wanted to grab some pics to print to send to my MIL that I saw it was completely wiped out! I haven’t touched it since as I am hoping some computer genius can find my memories 😦

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